Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Old Blocks, New Books, Fun Stuff, and Free Sites

 The very first birthday present I ever got Lu
- the one I got him for his 1st birthday -
was this bag of building blocks.

Not only is it the one most played-with item 
in his toy box throughout the years,
but now we even use the blocks for math class.

 They've been great for grasping area.

Lu has started his DK Eyewitness book on


 He reads two pages - like these (below) - everyday.

Then, every three days,
 we go back and I ask him about the different pictures,
so he can explain them to me.

It works well.

Lu has been frying up a plantain storm this season!

So yummy.

He started typing up his research report on Hawks.

In the evenings,
Lu's been hanging out in Cha's office.
Both of them are using  

Lu is designing a hotel for fun,

while Cha is designing a clinic for real.

I found these two new free sites:



 October brings heavy rains, 
so dance classes will be out for the month. 

Not great news for Lu, who will miss his dancing.


 The kids tried out our homemade version of
Knowledge Pursuit
with 100 fun-filled questions
about science, math, health, and culture.

I got to deal the questions. Very fun!

And lastly, 
I wanted to share these shots I got
of Lu telling me a story -

 I love it when he tells me stories,
it's one of my favorite things in the 
whole wide world.

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