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I'm not great about keeping this page updated, but basically everything else I find comes from links, from links, from links that I first found in these links. So check out other pages too if you're looking for something specific, or just click on any of these and start your own treasure hunt for free online resources. There's so much out there. If you haven't tapped into it yet, be patient. It took me a couple months to really start finding what I was looking for, and now I have resources that will last us straight through high school. Good luck!

General Homeschooling advice and ideas, lots of links to other resources
Free Downloadable Textbooks for Middle School and High School (awesome!)

Numbers and Letters - Interactive Site

Math and Science Grades 1-5 - OnlineTextbook

Vocabulary - Interactive Site

Legends, Myths and Fables - Interactive read along or listen

Online Almanac for Kids

PBS Teachers - all grades, all subjects


Free Worksheets - printouts for all subjects - I use these a lot

Science -


 Where´s Matt? One guy visits 42 countries, getting people to dance with him. We loved it.

Great dinosaur site for kids to do their own research

Solar System

Human Body

Educational videos and Games on all subjects - a bit dated, but helpful

Must Visit! Advanced videos - great for parents looking to learn or relearn everything from Solar System to Algebra

I´ll keep adding as I find more!