How We Did 3rd Grade for Under $100

Here's everything we used for 3rd. grade
This is also pretty much the format I'm using for our homeschool records.
We spent under $100 for notebooks and pencils etc., some chapter books, ink for printing, and a little geography ball ($3 at an airport). But you can probably get books at a library (we don't have one nearby) so that's already $70 less that you would need to spend. We were given a Math workbook and a Phonics workbook that probably would have cost us around $15 each. What I'm not counting is the Internet bill (ours is about $30 x month, but we would be paying that even if we weren't homeschooling). We are pretty internet dependent for our homeschooling, but if I really tried, I could probably get by on half of the internet time we're on now. My son doesn't actually spend that long in front of the computer, maybe 50 minutes a day. Most of the time is spent on notebooks, worksheets, hands-on activities, or creating our own learning materials (kind of like lapbooks). I also didn't include our extracurriculars, because they should be chosen by your child and by your possibilities. For example, I'm a dancer and my son likes to dance, so we do a dance class once a week and call it Phys. Ed.

So, here it is by main subject. Each sub-subject is followed by the resources we used:

Language Arts 

action verbs, regular verbs, helping verbs, adjectives, verb tenses, 
linking verbs, irregular verbs, cause and effect, 
comparative and superlative adjectives, articles, adverbs, 
singular and plural pronouns, subject/predicate, 
synonyms/antonyms, contractions, possessive nouns, punctuation 
and homemade worksheets

Grammar and Writing:
Story about Me, Descriptive Paragraph,  
Comparison/Contrast Paragraph, Summary, Persuasive Letter

phonics, homophones, dictation, alphabetical order, rhyming
and homemade activities

Reading Aloud:
listening skills, reading comprehension, pause, intonation, pronunciation
Folktales from around the World
Dr. Seuss Collection
The Twits and The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl
(these were just books from our bookshelf)

Reading Chapter Books (independently)
and Writing Summaries:
Magic Tree House Books 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 18
(I did buy these because they really got my son motivated to read, I think I got 15 of them for about $70, but we don't have access to a library which you probably do. Use it!)
And in Spanish:
La Telaraña de Carlota (Charlotte´s Web) by E.B. White
El Ratón de la Motocicleta (The Mouse on the Motorcycle) by Brenda Cleary

Place value and number sense,  
Addition and Subtraction - 3digit w/ regrouping,   
Multiplication - 3digit w/ regrouping, 
Basic Division, Basic Geometry and Measurement, 
Basic Fractions, Number Sequences, Word Problems, 
Charts and Graphs
Harcourt Family Learning Grade 3 Math Skills Workbook
(a friend gave us this workbook, we really like it, not sure how much it costs - I prefer using a workbook to having him do daily math on the computer, but we could have gotten by just on the free stuff I found and some homemade worksheets) worksheets
Onlinepractice and games

Life Science:                                                   
Plants, Systems, Animals, Growth, Grouping, 
Ecosystems, Competition, Adaptation
Earth Science:                                                   
Water Cycle, Weather, Rocks and Soil,  
Layers of the Earth, Minerals, Erosion
Physical Science:                                            
Matter, Forces and Motion, Energy
Space and Technology:
Patterns in the Sky, The Solar System
ScottForesman Grade 3 ScienceTextbook 
(they've closed down the free access to other grades, 
but for some reason you can still get it to open for third grade) 
I also wrote up THESE SCIENCE TESTS.

Unit Studies: 

1. Dinosaurs       
3. Saber Tooth Tiger

Continents, Oceans, Countries, Landforms, Cultural Appreciation
Outline Maps    Cultural Videos   Geography Ball       Online Games    World Atlas and Globe

Greek Mythology
Read, Draw, Summarize in Notebook, Edit, Type Final Draft of Summary, Create a book with illustrations and summaries
Myths and Enchantment Tales by Margaret Evans Price
(this is also a book we had on our bookshelf, but there are tons of free sites on the web, just google "Greek Mythology for Kids", Here's One)

Traditional A-Z handwriting worksheets

Online Lessons and Games