Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Movement Morning Wednesdays

Wednesday is our favorite weekday.

Most mornings, Lu is out with the goats from 7-10am, but on Wednesdays we have help and he gets a break. So we start our mornings with a game of Scrabble which I count as school because, besides being a game we both love, it's a fun way of improving spelling and developing vocabulary. We allow free use of the dictionary and learn new words every time. 

Then we grab our mats and head over to one of the yoga classes in town. Both Lu and I can be pretty intense, hyperactive people with short fuses, so we're trying yoga with the intention of learning how to 
c h i l l

Lu very relaxed after shavasana.

After yoga, it's time for some swimming.

We walk to the next place over - a luxury hotel with lake access, ping-pong and pool tables. It's still under construction, so not a lot of people using the facilities yet. Most of the time we have the whole place to ourselves! 

Lu gets some laps in and mama sunbathes
while sipping a cappuccino :)

 Then it's ping-pong time!

 After a few rounds, we order fries and drinks,
and move on to the pool table.

It's already 1pm, and we've been out and about for 5 hours!

Time to go home.

In the afternoon, Lu will do some schoolwork 
while I teach a dance class.

Then two more days and it's the weekend. 

It really helps to have such a fun day in the middle of the week
to look forward to :)

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