Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Productive Morning and a Chicken Bone

It's not something I do everyday, but this morning I laid Lu's work out for him to work through in whatever order he wanted.

He chose history reading first,

 and read about Ancient Mesopotamian
games, music, and sports.

 After math (which we did together)
he did his science reading.

Right now, he's learning about Food Webs with Mr. Q
Lu REALLY digs the way Mr. Q writes like he's talking to him, and makes funny jokes. He laughs while he's reading science! What better recommendation can there be than that?

3 baskets -
The top basket is for daily work,
the middle one is for once or twice a week work,
and the bottom one for finished work.

Finished packets are filed in the blue storage unit on the right.

Next, he moved on to Geography.
He's studying Asia.

We're using Sheppard's Software and  

I'm not a big fan of spending time on flags, but he insists.


By mid-morning, the daybed-couch is always covered in papers and books. Lately, I'm spending a lot of time on that one meter of floor space doing sit-ups and stretching. Lu is becoming so independent that I need something to do when I'm not needed, and sit-ups are a good thing to do while waiting for the occasional "Mama, I don't get this." And even then, most times, before I can even finish the explanation, he's already got it, and (not always) politely tells me to go back to my whatever I was doing, thank you very much. 

mmmm.... Yeah, just you wait until we hit algebra and essays, and then you'll need me again. Little Mr. Know-It-All. But I'm kidding, kind of. Cha keeps saying that it's a great thing, and that that's exactly what we want - a self-guided learner. But I miss working on stuff together and feeling needed :sniff:


 Back to our day -

 Lu decided to go out to the river with his snorkeling gear.

and found the most amazing...



 Okay, it could have been a vulture bone, 
or some other bird... but chicken is funny.

 Then we sat by the river and read a story together.

 A lovely, lovely story.

 Then one more dip, in the natural jacuzzi...

After lunch, there was knitting and cookies.

 Lu started Roald Dahl's The Witches this week.

I love that he loves to read. It is a wonderful thing.

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