Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nature Walks, Chuchitos, and Enjoying The Now

There's a new nature trail in our town,
so we've been taking lots of walks.

It's on a hill with beautiful views of our lake.

We got to the top and ate our chuchitos -
a very Guatemalan snack
 that comes wrapped in a dried leaf.

It's a cornmeal pocket

with a chunk of chicken and tomato sauce
at the center.

 When we got home,
there was a little friend waiting for us.
Did it come from the caterpillars on our ficus tree?

Lu has been working hard at earning patches with Khan. He's also finished 4th grade math (MEP) almost two months ahead of time, and has decided to go ahead and get started on the 5th grade stuff.

 With Mr. Q Science, he's learning more about the five senses.
 Today's activity called for a mirror and a self-portrait


Did you notice the haircut?


Lu got about 6 inches taken off.
mama sad :(


The rains have ended and, yesterday,
we spent some time with what was probably 
the last of our little river for this year.
It's all dried up today.

But I'm glad we got the most of its presence.


Next year, when the river comes back, 
my boy will be a year older, a year taller, and a year wiser.

So, since I can't stop time,
and keep the river season year-round,
and my son a little boy forever...
the only thing I can do is enjoy each moment while it lasts.


  1. 6 inches!! I hope you saved his hair. I would probably have a minor mommy-heart attack! LOL

    1. I've gone through it a couple of times now, but never shorter than shoulder-length. I have a bunch of saved hair. Once he had a mullet, it was kind of cute.