Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Tent by the River

Today we built a tent by the river,
I'll get to that in a minute.

We started our morning with singing,
and then Lu tidied his work area for math.

And he timed himself.

By 9:30 we'd done math, 
and some science and history reading.
 So we moved onto our exciting picnic plan,
and Lu learned how to make deviled eggs:

Lu packed the picnic basket and out we went.

He very thoughtfully packed me a beer,
for a Tuesday morning... um...
maybe with dinner, thanks...?

The river was HUGE from the heavy rains -
bigger than it's been all year.
It's amazing that our dam is still there,
under water, but standing strong.

 After some swimming, we got to building a tent.

It took several attempts.

This was the first one -

This was like the third one -

 And this was the (5th or 6th) final one -

Time for a fruit break.

 And now for some schoolwork...

Oh. Nope. I was wrong.

It's time for more swimming.

I'm not complaining.

 Once the cold river got to his bones,
then it was time for schoolwork.

We've been working on the use of commas.

Cha got home early, stripped down to his boxers,
and jumped right in - which made for a very happy Lu :)

 Then we came in for lunch and watched a bit of BBC's First Life.
Lu spent some time chatting online (he has a group of online friends),
and then reviewing fractions.

Which brings us to now - 4:30pm.
He was begging to go swimming again.
In a most serious tone -
"My body is craving the river mama, please let me go."
So I did.

20 minutes later it's getting cloudy and he's back, and shivering.

Time for some knitting...
(he's making something for his grandmother)


  1. Bahaha! Packed you a beer! And "craving the river". Very insightful boy. He can make me devilled eggs when I visit :-)