Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goats, Chess, Healthy Diet, and an Award

Recently, some goats moved into town. The goat herders and their goats live up the mountain, just above us. So, every morning, they walk by our house selling fresh goat's milk. Lu hears the bells and likes to go out just to see the goats, and he chats with the herders. I'm not a fan of drinking any kind of animal milk. I think the idea in itself is kind of strange. Lu has tried cow's milk a couple of times, but we're both slightly allergic. However, he knows that goat's milk isn't allergenic (for us) and has been asking to get some for years, so he was very excited with the goat arrival. So, even though I don't fully approve, I let him buy some milk from the daily goat parade.

Coffee is also something Lu doesn't have often, 
but he had his heart set on making himself a cappuccino 
with the electric foam-making-thingy and his goat milk.

Cha and Lu have been playing lots of chess.
Lu is allowed to stay up past his bedtime for chess.
Hence, the craving for a cappuccino.

And I'll even let him get up later the next day,
because chess definitely counts as learning.

I'm on a fitness trip.
My goal - to lose 20 pounds 
and get my knees strong again.

Lu is being a great fitness buddy,
taking walks and hula-hooping with me,
and even having his diet changed up.
No more toast for breakfast.
Instead, I'm making yummy veggy eggs.
He loves them, and we get an extra veg serving.
(onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, zucchini, sweet corn, red pepper)

Lu's shoulder was dislocated last April,
and frequently pops back out of place.

We went to a chiropractor and got these groovy bandages.

The chiropractor also mentioned that we needed
to work on Lu's posture, so we came up with this...

We used to start our day with fruit, but
I'm learning that it's better to start the day with protein.
So we're having our fruit for snack time.

Sometimes Lu has two fruit snacks 
between breakfast and lunch.

And I'm trying to get lots of fish in our diet.
Here's today's lunch -

 Fortunately, where we live, there is abundant fresh veg and fruit.
So no canned goods for us - except olives and sweet corn.

 Today, Lu shared his good water-drinking
and fruit-eating habits with a little friend.

 And, last but not least,
Karen at Homeschool Atheist Momma has tagged me for a sunshine award.

Thanks Karen!

So the deal is that I have to answer these 10 questions and then nominate some of my favorite bloggers to do the same. So here goes!

  1. What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?  The Goonies or The Sound of Music
  2. What is your favorite flower? Mountain wild flowers - all varieties.
  3. What is your favourite (non-alcoholic) beverage?  Coffee, coffee, coffee.
  4. What is your passion? I am passionate about the lifestyle we have chosen.
  5. What is your favorite time of year? Summer. Hot with occasional rains.
  6. What is your favorite time of the day? Mornings.
  7. What is your favorite physical activity?  Dancing.
  8. What is your favorite vacation? This one is hard for me, because we live in a vacation place. But if I could, I'd love to do have a history-packed vacation and visit places like Greece, Turkey, and Egypt.
  9. What song is stuck in your head right now? Eddie Grant's Electric Avenue  
  10. What are you reading right now? Lots of articles on nutrition and fitness. 

And I'll be nominating...

Melissa at Through the Wardrobe
Ingi at Defying Gravity
Kristen at Teaching Stars


  1. You're eating habits make me feel ridiculously like a stereotypical American. I keep saying I'm going to start reading up on healthy cookbooks and all but it honestly gets so overwhelming. I am hopeless in the kitchen and inevitably screw up a box of mac n' cheese. Any book/website recommendations for someone as needy as me?
    And THANKS for the nomination! It's an honor!

    1. You're welcome!

      My number 1 rule right now is - no cooking oil in my house and no canned or boxed products except for a very few exceptions.

      The second part might be harder in the US, but the first one you CAN do easily. Instead of using unhealthy oils, USE BUTTER! Yes!!! Real, delicious butter is healthier than most oils, even the "healthy" ones.

      And then - protein, protein, protein. Up the protein and down the starchy foods - potato, pasta, cereals, white rice, bread...
      Within reason of course.
      We LOVE white rice here, and won't cut it, so we almost completely cut pasta and bread instead.

      And load up on the veggies!

  2. urgh. hate when I don't spell check. Sorry for the wrong 'your'.

  3. Oooh! Thank you for the award! And for the inspiration for another post :-)

    We are cleaning up our act here too - I'm on a mission to lose about 20kg (well, I'm starting with 10 and seeing how I go from there). I'm down 2kg already! So I will read with interest how you get on and see if we can get those old dancer bodies back!

    1. Congratulations on the 2kg! Yes, we'll compare notes as we go!

  4. Gabriela, I know you know this, but you have a gorgeous child there!
    And an inspiring food plan.
    Our family eats LOTS of fruits and veggies, but too much of the starches...

    1. Aw, thanks Karen. And thanks again for including me - it's a fun little chain.