Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Hooping and Mama's homeschool boredom

We're getting close to the end of our school year. 

Only 6 more weeks to go.

All the workbooks are completed,
and all planned projects have been done.

So now we're in this weird place...
where Lu is doing everything on his own.

And I'm kind of bored.


He finished his 6-page report on Hawks
(with table of contents!)
an independent project from research to printing,
that I didn't even check for spelling.

He's working on his spelling in Spanish
through copywork, so... not much need for me there.

 An eye diagram (in Spanish)

Started a story.

Started on next year's math program.
He does, sometimes, need my help on math still.
It's strange but, it's like he either gets it right away,
all genius-like, or totally doesn't see it at all.

What we have been doing together,
which is lots and lots of fun,
is hoopin' up a storm!
with cumbia music blasting from the speakers

I can't imagine not homeschooling.
Just can't do it.

Nevertheless, TGIF!
My weekend starts.... right.....
................ now.


  1. fun! I love the hoopin' pictures.

  2. Gabi, Sharing some sunshine with you on my blog! Check it out!