Saturday, October 6, 2012

Delicious Sentences and Jocote Abundance

Let's go have our writing lesson
outside by the river.

Is that a jocote in your hand?

Of course it is.

Aw, thanks! One for mama too.

Our dam withstood the heavy rains,
and our little pool is looking sweet.

 Okay. Let's do some writing.

How about some delicious sentences?

(you know, rich in flavor and texture) 

Only three. But they have to be delicious.

 The skin of the tiger that he had killed to save the turtle 
wasn't sufficiently big to cover the floor of his house.

Her socks were so beautiful,
they were made of coral boa skin.

The water moves rapidly, over the rocks,
to arrive at the lake.

Good job!
Those were indeed yummy sentences.

Let's go inside for some lunch with
today's BBC Life episode -
The Hunters and The Hunted,
after all that talk of animal skins.
Mmmm... taquitos!

Some knitting.

And more jocotes.

Lu goes picking up to three times a day.
The fruits are all over these trees,
from August-October,
and we have 4 trees in our backyard. 

So, much jocote abundance for a very grateful Lu.

It's a good life.


  1. All these delicious fruits I've never even heard of!

    Lu, those were great sentences!

    1. The fruit variety here is amazing.
      I've lived here all my life, and still run into new fruit. Cha says that jocotes might be Hog Plums - a fruit that also exists in the Phillipines.

  2. Never heard of jocotes either! And those sentences were so delicious I could eat them up!