Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Perfect Getaway Checklist:

One hot tub,

 a swimming pool,


a hammock and a nice chair,


a suntan,

great food...

 (with drinks of course),

(particularly this Dragon Fruit Margarita)

a twirly dress,
(photo by Lu)

and a swimdress...

Well, that's a post for another blog that I'll someday start - about embracing my curves and feeling comfortable in my aging body, and not having stupid prejudices about swimdresses, and realizing that they're actually really great. Anyway, that blog would be called Stop Waxing and Get a Swimdress! or something like that.

an 8th anniversary to celebrate,
(photo by Lu)

and beautiful sunsets.

It's good to get away for a few days.

If you're ever in Guatemala, Posada de Santiago on Lake Atitlán is an amazing place to stay. The cabins and gardens are dreamy. The food is SUPERB. And, the lakeside pool-hottub-sauna-bar area makes for perfect days of sun, swimming, and relaxation.


  1. OMG!!!! Take me there now! Looks superb!! You all look so relaxed and happy! If I'm ever in Guatemala, I will certainly stay :-)

    PS: Totally with you on the aging/getting used to a changed body thingy!

    1. If you're ever in Guatemala, you're going to stay at my house, and we'll definitely do a weekend at the pool place ;)

  2. The close-up picture of Lu floating in the pool is gorgeous. And I concur about swim dresses. :) Enjoy your getaway!

  3. That looks Fabulous and so relaxing :)

  4. I totally find myself embracing swim dresses. I look back at women's bathing suits from the 20's and 40's and LOVE them. I'd like to see more of that style.
    This was a neat blog post I found with cool pictures of women's suits from back in the day.

  5. So beautiful! Happy anniversary!

  6. What a beautiful place. I were in Antigua some years ago, and it was a splendid place. Your family is very lucky.