Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Biomes Report

We continue working on how to write research reports. So far, Lu's done short assignments - one on our town and another on the solar system. This time, he chose to write about biomes. He's been learning about biomes this year in science, and it's great that it cross over into language arts.

First he wrote a rough draft in his notebook -
an introductory paragraph, 
and one paragraph on each of the seven biomes.

Then, he typed it up.

He was thrilled to look for clip-art.

We've also been learning how to create folders 
and archive effectively.

We took some time to learn about inserting photos 
into Word documents, and some simple formatting.
(he LOVED this part)

And then it was time to print!

Lu was very excited as the pages slid out.

 What a great feeling it is...

  to feel proud of your work!

And, I'm pretty sure he knows his biomes inside-out now.


  1. Where did my comment go??? I posted one yesterday! Anyway, great work Lu - good word processing skills and I LOVE biomes too!

  2. Good job, Lu! The report looks fantastic!