Sunday, July 1, 2012

Because We Can

Lu is nine and half, and this is our second year homeschooling. We homeschool for many different reasons, some of which change over time. At first, Lu needed to get away from bullying at his former school. Not uncommon. But within a month, we were so wrapped up in dinosaurs and art projects and great books, that the reason became all the fun we were having learning together.

Fifteen months later, our reasons are these -

We can have school: 

in the yard, during a trip, whenever we want, while running errands, 

by the lake, at the park, in bed, on the couch...

We get to study really cool stuff that we choose ourselves, 
instead of having it imposed by systems or methods 
that don't make sense to us.

We want an education rich in history, 
with lots of time for reading,
and fast-paced spiraling math. 

 We want awareness of the universe, 
planet, community, and self. 
And, we want the time to develop life skills 
like carpentry and cooking and computers.

Lu loves learning. He gets truly excited about math and science.
Homeschool lets him work at his own, faster pace in these subjects.

But mostly mostly and most of all...

we homeschool because we can.

Thanks to Karen at Homeschool Atheist Momma for inviting Luminous Fire to participate in the Carnival of Homeschool Blogs with this post.


  1. That is perhaps the loveliest "why we homeschool" post that I have ever read.

  2. I totally love this post! You know, I think that those things you listed are also probably what they want to achieve in schools. But homeschooling is MUCH better way to do it!