Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Solar System Poster - Starring Super Jupiter

Last year, we made a Solar System Mobile and staged a play about Pluto.  This year, for our Space Unit, Lu decided to make a poster. 

He started out with his favorite planet - Jupiter. 

Like a superhero, Jupiter saves life on Earth time and time again, with its super size and super gravitational pull.

Cha helped us figure out the proportions
based on the size of Jupiter (the metal bowl), 

and Lu learned how to use a compass.

 He framed the central part of the poster
with information bits,

 and clip-art from google images.

He formatted in PhotoShop for printing,

And it was time for some COLOR!
He used oil pastels.
 I love that he included this bit about Laika, 
the Russian dog.

The last step was gluing on the clip-art
and labeling the planets.

We're both slightly obsessive-compulsive completer-finishers, and did this in a day. Lu started at 7am, and was done by 7pm - with some math, reading, breaks, and eating in between. All in, it probably took him a total of 6 hours of focused work. We've done several posters now. I helped very little on this one - with smudging and letter spacing, but I look forward to him doing his next poster entirely on his own.


  1. Dang, Guys!!!!!!
    Seriously great work!!!!

  2. Love your work! I wish mine would have that persistence! And as an aside, my daughter gave our dog his middle name - Laika!