Monday, July 23, 2012

Short Stories, Reviews, Titans, and Plantains

 Lu read this short story in Spanish about gravity and mass.
He's been enjoying the break from longer chapter books.

He also took his keyboard apart to fix it.

He did great on his math review. We've learned so much with this math resource, I wanted to make sure that we weren't forgetting what we learned over the last 6 chapters, so I wrote up a simple review.  This also helps me stay on the math ball, as far as hammering the concepts into my own mathematically-challenged head.

Lu's learning about the Titans,
in preparation of our upcoming studies 
on Ancient Greece.

 And... drumroll...

It's plantain season!

Plantains are best when left long enough to darken.

 And fried in butter.


  1. Do they taste like bananas ?

  2. mmm... kind of - when they're raw. But no. They have very much their own flavor and texture. They're quite sweet when they're ripe. I'll make you some when you come to visit :)