Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Negative Numbers, Loquats, Hoops, and First Aid

Most mornings, Lu gets up at around 6am and makes his own breakfast. Today he made cheesy eggs and tortillas.

We're still on semi-vacation, which means that we only do a couple hours of schoolwork a day. I don't want us to slip out of our early-morning rhythm. Today we managed to start at 7:45 am, which is pretty late compared to the 7am-start I strive to maintain. We did some singing, reading, geography, homophones, and math - all by 10am. 

We've started working with negative numbers,
and it's going smoothly so far.

 There was some working on a basketball hoop.

There was some serious loquat picking.

 There was a soccer match,

and some hula-hooping.

There was participation in a First Aid workshop.


There was Art Group in the afternoon,
finally back in session after a month-long break.
 Lu was very excited to see his friends.

And there was this magical fellow,
resting on an avocado.

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