Saturday, March 31, 2012

Art in a Quiet Backyard

It is becoming a more real possibility that our art school run out of funding. As a way of reducing costs and stretching out what we have, we have cut months. The school has normally run 10 or 11 months every year, but this year it will only be 8 months.

April is our first "cut" month. It feels strange to not have the chaos of 70 kids running around throughout the week. It's heartbreaking, but we try to keep our hopes up that funding will come, and that if we ever do have to shut down, that it won't be permanent, but it's made even more difficult by Lu loving the programs so much, and that they are his main opportunity for group socializing. On the bright side, we've been able to have more classes in the backyard (where project activities are usually happening). Because Lu gets so much art through the programs, I don't usually do many artistic activities on our homeschool time, but we needed some color to cheer us up. Here are some pics that Cha took of our little art session yesterday.

Our kittens celebrated their first birthday this week, and
next week is our one year anniversary of starting homeschool!
It was perfect that kittens and homeschool came together.
I'm so glad we made this decision.


  1. Maybe you could get some help with funding from the Awesome Foundation.

  2. Thanks Theresa! I'll look into it.