Sunday, March 18, 2012

Typical Sunday

Sundays are pretty routine around here. Saturdays are our going-out days, so on Sundays we usually stay home. Cha (dh) makes breakfast around 9:30am - papaya, pineapple, poached eggs, bacon, and toast. Today we were very naughty and watched an episode of "The Wonder Years" with breakfast (not typical).

Sundays are also the days that Cha and Lu get to
spend more time together.

I do a big cooking session - usually two days worth of some kind of stew and two days worth of lentils or pasta sauce. This gets us through the week without me having to do much more than reheat and make some rice or pasta.

I'm in charge of Mon-Thurs dinners, Cha does Fri-Sun. I had never cooked in bulk and frozen food like this until we started homeschooling. It's not my ideal, but it does save a lot of time.

Here's what my kitchen looks like mid-morning -

While I cook, Lu and Cha get up to their dominical randomness, which today started with playing the trumpet. Where I am more of a one-track specialist, they are both generalists and can hop from one thing to another all day long. With all the building, making, and experimenting they do together on Sundays, I don't need to worry about my lack of hands-on-ness on the homeschool front.

Once they got tired of the trumpet, they moved on out to the yard...

to make a bow, arrows, and quiver. Pretty cool thinks me.

We only eat two meals on Sundays - brunch and lupper.

Mid-afternoon Cha and I will have our drinkie-poos while Lu plays video games (a once-a-week happening). Lupper around 6pm (with another episode of the WY), then the guys do the washing-up while I do my computer what-nots, and off to bed we go. That's about it. It doesn't sound very exciting, but for us it's absolute luxury to have one day with our home empty and quiet, as Mon-Sat there is always the hustle and bustle of volunteers and project activities.


  1. Your kitchen looks so cozy! Those windows are awesome and fills your house up with such beautiful, natural light.

  2. Thanks! It's a very open kitchen. On one side there's no wall, just a bamboo curtain. Lots of light, but cold when it's windy.