Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bee-Stung Swollen Foot

On Monday evening, Lu stepped on a bee. He's been stung before and had different reactions each time. On Tuesday, his foot was a bit swollen and he couldn't walk on it. We had a pajama day and spent most of it working on the day bed in our office/classroom.

We finished this graphic summary
of what we've been learning in our History class,

and learned more about Neanderthal and Modern Humans.

Our sources say all kinds of different things about the appearance of Anatomically Modern Humans. Some say it was 50,000 years ago, others say 24,000. We talked about this with Lu - discrepancies between sources, why we shouldn't trust any one source, and how to decide which sources are more credible. Mostly, I want him to SEE (which is why we're doing so many timelines) all the time that went by without much happening, and then how SO MUCH has happened in relatively such little time. So it doesn't matter if it was 25,000 or 50,000. Either way, it was basically yesterday considering that our earliest ancestors appeared 4.5 million years ago.

His Youth Group homework tied in nicely with our timeline work -
an autobiographical timeline.

On Wednesday, the swollen foot got much worse. There was moaning and screaming every 10 minutes or so, almost like birthing contractions. I gave him a mild pain killer, we iced and elevated the foot. Math exercises and some reading in between the pangs was pretty much all we managed.

So we had another pajama day
(in the same pajamas as yesterday)
and lots of comfort food.
Tamalitos with melted cheese and paprika, and fried egg.

Not my favorite game, but it seems to be Lu's this month.
Last month it was Scrabble, and Uno the month before.

I wish he would vary his games,
he gets stuck on one and plays it until he kills it.

Today, miraculously, the foot (though still a bit swollen) was good enough to participate in his Youth Group aerial class. Have I mentioned that his girlfriend (meaning the girl he likes) is in his Youth Group? I suspect this had a lot to do with the sudden recovery.


  1. Ha! The healing power of love :) Glad he's feeling better anyway...

    1. Thanks Melissa. He's much better today.
      Hope you had a good week :)

  2. Girls, eh? :) JP has those same pajama pants. Glad Lu's foot is feeling better!

    1. Maleaaaaa!!! I have been trying to contact you, but the email didn't work - keeps bouncing back. And strangely, your blog isn't letting me comment.
      Could you double check the address you gave me?

    2. Try maleab {at} earthlink {dot} net

      I've been having some issues with blogger comments. I can't seem to comment on a lot of blogs lately, at least not regularly. I think a glitch in blogger maybe?