Friday, March 23, 2012

Sculptures and Dance and Stuff

Lu put a lot of time into this Youth Group assignment
- a sculpture made with found objects.
He explained that his sculpture represented the importance of nature over money.

Here are some others that I thought were especially cool:

Lu is typing a document from all of our notes on
Early Humans - Neolithic Revolution.
We're still not sure if we want to make a big poster,
a fold-up timeline, or a cartoon-type book.

We watched these
Discovery Channel documentaries on the Neanderthal on YouTube.
Very, very cool! I love watching documentaries in the afternoon.

Lu finished his booklet on the Living World
working with this Dorling Kindersley Encyclopedia

(should be pollen instead of nectar)

Animal Groups
Human Body

Youth Group is having a month off in April, and yesterday was the last class before the break. Lu's kinda bummed (especially because he won't see his girlfriend during the break). I'm glad that we'll have one extra full morning a week to catch up on stuff and do some extra, fun projects. I have quite a few science experiments I want to try out - especially because I've been so slack about including more of them in our science classes.

Here are some pics from their dance class yesterday -

Hope you had a good week!

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