Monday, January 16, 2012


So it's been, since I started this blog, that I haven't given my son or husband their blog names. But always referring to them as "him", "he", "my son", "husband" and "Dad" is starting to feel kind of lame. From now on, I'll be calling hubby Cha and son Lu.

Luminous Fire is the meaning of Lu's full name,
which explains the blog title.

I've shared our schedules and activities, but today I thought I'd make it more personal and share a bit about our overall day to day. But first, let me give some context -

We moved to the lake when Lu was 40 days old.
It's a beautiful place to live.
When he was little, we would go swimming almost every day.
Here he is at 2yo, making an important discovery of some sort.

Our project was born a few months after we moved here.
There's always a lot going on at our house -
drumming, dancing, singing...

Here he is parading at age 3.

The guys (Lu and Cha) usually wake up around 6am.
They get dressed, hang out, and wake me up around 6:30.

I'm not much of a breakfast person,
so I make my coffee and go to my desk
while they have breakfast.

Fruit first, then eggs or oatmeal.
Lu loves making his own eggs.

When they're done, Lu brushes his teeth
and tidies his room.

At 8am, Lu comes up to my office,
and we start our classes.
This is the view from our window.

I've set him up on this desk.
Here's what it looks like from my corner.

We're on the third floor,
which helps escape from the project noise downstairs.
I go down every hour or so, to check on project activities.

Most of our subjects don't involve me the whole time.
We usually start off with a song or a read-aloud,
look over the work together, and leave him to it.

When he's working independently,
I'm either on my computer or doing something

We work on three subjects from 8-10:30am.
We break until 11:00 and then work until 1:00pm.
Then it's lunch and break until 2:30.
In the afternoon, Lu has art program twice a week.
On the other three afternoons, we study history
and work on Khan math or third language.

5:00pm is bathtime and break.

Chapter book reading from 5:45-6:30pm,
while I cook dinner.
We usually have dinner at 7pm,
watch an episode of something together,
and then Lu washes the dishes.

Then it's PJs, brushing teeth, and bedtime at 8:30.
Sometimes he reads a bit more in bed.

On Saturdays we go to the market for our week's fruit and veg.
Lu helps carry the load back up the hill to our house.
Saturday evenings are pizza nights with friends over.

Some Saturdays, Lu takes his jewelry to the market.
He has his own small business,
making and selling earring.
On a good day, he can make up to $30.

Our lake had a cyanobacteria outbreak a few years ago,
and has risen so much that our old beach is gone,
so we're not swimming as much anymore.
But on weekends, we still jump in on occasion.
Here's Lu kayaking on his own.

On Sundays we might go to a nearby swimming pool,
but most often, Lu has a friend over,
and we just hang out at home.

Lately, Cha and I have been enjoying our Sundays with
this tequila concoction we came up with...

...and getting some "us" time.

No, seriously, here's a better one...

So that's us in our day-to-day.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for this glimpse into your day...what a truly beautiful place you live!

  2. What a beautiful view from your window! I don't think I'd get any work done.

    Thanks for the post and the great pics of the family.

  3. Thanks for letting us in a bit more - it's a hard balance, isn't it?

    Your days and weeks look lovely. Liking the tequila concoctions!

  4. Most honored to have comments from you very fine ladies!
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love this post - thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life.
    My how I love the view from the window. I think I would just spend all day staring at it. And drinking that Tequila concoction. Good job I don't live with you!!

  6. So sweet! Love getting to know my blogger friends better. :) The picture of Lu on the beach making a discovery is so cute!