Friday, January 20, 2012

Beatles, Knitting, Bubbles, Math and a Gorilla

This week, among other things, we:

did some knitting
while singing Beatles songs

she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah

did bubble experiments in Science Class,
and learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources

and worked through our MEP math worksheets.

MEP is a British math curriculum, very different from anything else we've used.

Math is difficult for me, but so far, I've found 4th grade math easy enough - until we started with this one. It really makes us think, which is great, but it's soooooo hard. After suffering through trying to do 3 worksheets per session, so that we would finish the whole Year 4 this year, we decided to slow it down a bit, work on 1 or 2 worksheets a day, and spread it out over this year and next. It's much more enjoyable now without the time pressure.

If you're looking for challenging math, you should give it a try.
It's designed for classroom use, and not to be worked on independently, as many of the problems require a lot of guidance.

It's divided into Years, starting with Year 1.
I've been on some forums trying to figure out to which grade level each Year corresponds. I got different answers. Some people said Year 1 was for kindergarten, but I can't imagine Lu having been able to do much of this stuff last year. Many people also said that if you're not starting at Year 1, to start a little under your level, as the exercises take some getting used to.

For grammar, he wrote this fictional Personal Narrative.


  1. I followed your blog link from your post at the Well Trained Mind forum. What I've seen so far looks lovely and I'm looking forward to checking out some of your links and future posts.

    1. So, this is meant to be a regular comment, but for some reason Blogger is being weird and I don't see the comment buttons on anyone's blogs right now! Sigh...

      I adore his personal narrative, and enjoyed hearing his voice! What a lovely accent, and he is so cute with the emphasis on all of the really's! :)