Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Imagine, Madonna, Soldering, Flexibility, and Arrowhead

It's been a lovely past few days. We've been more than on top of all our subjects. Speeding through math. Having extra time for nifty projects. Singing. Snacking. (Have I mentioned how much this boy is eating!?) And not needing to rush. I'm wondering if we need to step up the academic pace, but it's a nice rhythm for getting back into the flow. Today we learned and sang (and discussed) the lyrics to John Lennon's Imagine. Somehow, Madonna snuck her way into our music history lesson.

On Saturday we had a special workshop with Dad
on soldering and ring-making.

On Sunday, he volunteered to take the compost out,
and came back with a freshly picked bowl of wild rasberries.

Weekly soccer classes are back,
and while we were out playing...

Ashaki decided to take a nap on our grammar assignment.

Something I loved today -
So, we're using like 6 different language arts resources. None of them, on their own, are good enough (by my standards), but doing all of them is too much. So, as I mentioned in a previous post, we're doing a lot of our grammar verbally. Today's grammar was written though. At one point, he calls over to me and says "I think there's too much copying on this one". I looked at the worksheet and, sure enough, it was about combining simple sentences with and/or/but. I agreed, and we did the rest of them verbally, even though it was written work time. What I love is that he wasn't trying to get out of it, but was really seeing a waste of time in copying these, pretty shallow, sentences. He made the right call and showed good critical thinking. And he appreciated the fact that I saw his point and was flexible about it. With the extra time we had left over, we ended up having a discussion on ancestry - sparked by the compound word "arrowhead" from our grammar sheet. So random. I love it.

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