Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aesop's Fables

Today we started our Aesop's Fables read-alouds. He really likes them. We started by reading about who Aesop was, and that the stories are 2,500 years old - which very much impressed him. I printed out 40 fables, to work on one every week over the year. I left a blank page next to each fable so that he can copy the moral of the story in his very best handwriting. We're reading them in Spanish, but here's a link to the collection in English.

This is a little corner in my office, above the stairs, where I've set up his desk. This arrangement allows me to work on my own stuff while he's working on his, and I'm close enough to help him out whenever he needs.

I start working tomorrow, which is why it was so important to start homeschool this week. We had the week to get back into our flow before I was bombarded with project activities and demands.

Our schedule is working for us and I've set it up so that, on the days that I have more work, he has assignments he can do by himself.

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