Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conquering Fractions and Feeding the Eating Machine

Our garden gave us lots of beans and lettuce yesterday.

We're working on decimals and fractions, 
and getting pretty good at it.
I'm quite proud of my math-ignorant self about this one.

Lu is eating phenomenal amounts of food.
In the morning he'll have fruit, eggs or oatmeal, and toast.
Mid-morning, he'll have something like this for snack:

rice with corn, eggs, cheese, and tomato
which, by most people's standards, is a lunch.

We'll sit back down to work and he'll still be hungry,
so usually some more fruit or some organic corn chips.

One of the things Lu does for Spanish is read this Larousse how-things-work book - it's also part of his Science studies. For each information bit, he writes a question and an answer in a booklet. It's something he can do independently that he really enjoys. I don't even check what he writes, and just figure that if he's reading it and writing something about it, he'll remember it - and he usually tells me about whatever he found most interesting.

We're finishing up our studies on Mesopotamia, and Lu is typing up a summary of everything we learned. He got a haircut a couple days ago - a good 5 inches came off.

and here's a little snippet of  dance class.


  1. "Eating machine" - if that isn't the truth, then I don't know what is! And, the appetite seems to only grow as they get bigger and older! At 13, JP eats like he's three people! I want to tell him to go get a job to help pay for the groceries sometimes! :)

    1. Seriously. Lol.
      Bottomless pits, these boys.

    2. But, it's better than being one of those poor mothers who has to worry about her kids not eating enough. Poor moms.