Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comic Strip Style Summary

Lu finished his graphic summary on Robin Hood.

 He chose 15 moments from the story,
wrote them in his notebook,
and then typed them out on a Word table.

Then he drew and drew.

Lu has a desk in his room which he doesn't usually use for working on homeschool stuff, but today he wanted to. Last year, he would work in his room quite often, and get his work done. But it has been, this year, that if I'm not nearby to continuously call him out of daydream-land, he doesn't get much done. Our subjects are also more difficult this year, so we're usually either working together, or Lu is working alone but asking lots of questions. I have the online dictionary open pretty much all the time nowadays.

After lunch, he kept at it, but back in our usual space. 

It's nice, once in a while, to have a day of one long project to focus on... no running or rushing or checking the schedule... Just one thing all day. Stick to it and get it done, calmly. So nice.


  1. Is that the table that he made? Looks great, and like it suits his needs perfectly.

    I tried to set JP up with a comic strip style report project and he HATED it. I was really surprised because he LOVES to draw comics of all kinds. :/ Weird...

    1. That's the one :) It is very useful.

      I personally would never have had the patience for all that drawing. It took him nearly all day.

      Maybe JP didn't like having to draw something predetermined? Lu is weird in that he rather someone tell him what to draw than to have to come up with an idea himself (which drives me kind of nuts). I guess I have his previous schooling to blame for that.