Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unique Days

Now that we're on this new non-schedule, each day is very unique. 

Today, we started the morning with a long shower, 
curled up in towels on the day bed, and read some poetry.

After a bit of math and spelling practice, 
Lu went down to the garden to cut some fresh oregano,

chopped it up,

and made us some breakfast!


The Words of the Day: Abhor and Counterfeit
Look them up and use each one in a sentence.
I get words HERE

This is a great little activity for communicating, listening, giving instructions, and following instructions. We sit back to back, each with one sheet of paper. One person draws something and then, using only words, instructs the other person on how to replicate the drawing.

In this one, Lu drew the original and gave me instructions:

His design worked very well, and his instructions were clear.

The instructions might sound like: from the top right of the spiral, draw a diagonal yellow line to the top right corner of the paper. Go to the half-way point on the yellow line and draw a circle the size of the your fingertip.

In this one, I drew the original and gave the instructions:

 (not as successful)

Several times a week, 
Lu calls for me to come running somewhere with the camera. 

He found all these little guys today -


 (Can you see? It's an ant carrying a piece of bamboo bark)

 A nap, mid-afternoon...

and that was that.


  1. I love seeing how each day takes shape, and what my children find to get excited about! Your day sounds very fine to me :)

  2. Oh! That drawing activity is great! I haven't done that in a looooooong time! I am organizing a homeschool art and writing workshop, and that will be a great way to get the kids to interact with one another. I think I'll do that for the art class ice-breaker, and mad-libs for the poetry class ice-breaker.

    I know ants can carry stuff much larger and heavier than they are, but I have never seen it actually happen. Very cool picture. The snail one is also cool.

  3. AMAZING pics and an excellent trip through your day.
    THANKS, I loved it!

    Peace, Karen