Saturday, May 12, 2012

16th week of 4th grade

 According to my spreadsheets, we're doing 42 weeks of school this year. 210 days. This was our 16th week and we're already half-way done with most of what I had planned for this year. This is great for many reasons - I can stop stressing, Lu will have more time for carpentry and jewelry-making, and we'll have time to do some of those things I've been meaning for us to do more of (science experiments, cooking, knitting...)

This week, Lu learned how to use the jigsaw. He's still full-on carpentry crazed and goes into the workshop every spare minute he gets, Cha even gave him his own key (Lu was thrilled). But he's not allowed to use the jigsaw on  his own yet, so he has to organize supervision to use it. This has resulted in lots of huffs and puffs over Cha or me not stopping what we're doing immediately to help him out, but we try to - because we're ecstatic about Lu getting so into it.

Mother's Day was on Thursday for us, and I loved my present.



We've been using Head of the Class for our Geography. Lu likes the short videos on each country, and he's making posters with information about region, population, and language. Head of the Class provides complete, free curriculum for K-5. I really like that you can create your own curriculum for each learner, and you can combine content from different grades. We'll also be using it for our unit on the Human Body.

In math, we finished our chapter on Statistics and Graphs. We learned about representing data with graphs and charts, and using different measures of central tendency (average or mean, median, and mode). 

Lu asked us to give him more chores. He said he feels he needs more chores. (?) So this morning he did some pretty heavy-duty yard work with Cha. Hope it lasts!

I think Monkey realized that it would be better to move than to lose her tail as it was Lu's first time with the garden shears.


  1. Wow! A kid asking for more chores?!?! Way to go! What a team player!

  2. Hehe. I'll let you know how long it lasts.

  3. WOW, you are scary organized! lol
    I stand in awe and respect for your homeschooling lately! We're lucky to be reading anything right now...
    YAY, LU, for your amazing work!