Thursday, May 3, 2012

Singing with YouTube, Volume, Civilization, and Cumbia Hip-Hop Dance

Lately, for music class, I've been downloading YouTube videos. You can find pretty much any song you want, usually accompanied by a slide show of random landscapes, with lyrics. It's great!

We've been learning about Volume. We got the blocks out today, making this the most hands-on math class we've ever had. Lu usually gets things without needing to use manipulatives, but he wasn't quite getting his head around the "hidden" cubes in the drawings on his worksheets.

Here are Lu's answers to these three questions in History class: 
1 - What is civilization?
2 - How did the specialization of labor improve quality of life?
3 - How did trade routes first develop?

After a month-long break, Youth Group is back in session. Lu was so excited for dance class to start back up that he could barely sleep last night, and then crashed as soon as workshops were over, meaning nothing else got done the rest of the day. But that's okay. I couldn't be happier that he loves his dance classes so much...

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