Sunday, September 25, 2011

Studying past Midnight and Bluecorn Cake

I was just remembering how I have often thought that, if I could go back to school, I would like to study History, or Our Story, as I prefer to call it.

Hadn't thought about it for a while until just now that I am putting together a course on World Story for homeschool, when it suddenly dawns on me.
I'm studying!
Even stayed up until 2:30am a few times (complete wreck the next day).
My husband thinks its funny - he's never really seen me study.
He's been fully supportive (all-around awesome dude).
I'm putting together a timeline with Photoshop. It's looking good. Feeling proud of my homework.

I've been so busy during the last decade and a half that I haven't studied anything. N
ot to say I haven't been learning - I have. But it's been all about learning how to deal with all the stuff adult life throws at you, all at the same time - stuff you have to learn quickly to: maintain your business, maintain your house, be in a committed relationship, change diapers, make money, keep up with technology, expand... Sure there are all those things, but it's different to really set out to learn something specific, something special.

So, to my son:
Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to study again.
Your curiosity and fascination for the world around you have sparked mine.

And... Cake!

He's been asking to bake a cake by himself, make up the recipe and everything.
He specifically said that he wanted to "improvise". Here are the results:

Blue cornflour apple-banana cake!

And... big-ass pots of food!

As suggested by many pro homeschool moms -
I have started cooking butt loads of food on Sundays, and freezing, for the week's meals.

As much as I love fresh cooked meals, there's just no time for it every day.

I now have in the freezer and ready to go:
1 meal spaghetti sauce, 3 meals lentils, 2 meals lasagna,
a tub-full of steamed cauliflower and broccoli,
and 2 meals seafood stew.


  1. Oooooooh...your big ass pot of food looks YUMMY! So does your son's cake! My son loves to cook and improvise recipes - mostly soups. And, isn't homeschooling so much FUN?

  2. It sure is! I feel like I'm finally getting the swing of it. It's so much easier now that I'm more organized. Hope to some day be as organized as you - queen of frozen strawberries and Word schedules.

  3. :) Most of the time I don't feel organized at all! LOL! I just hope my son feels like he is having as much fun as it looks like your son is having.