Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Math, Left-overs and Table Manners

I love Wednesdays. The art center I run from home doesn't hold classes today, which means we don't get interrupted. We read aloud from Horton Hears a Who in Spanish. Then he did math and spelling practice while I wrote. Our favorite part of the day is our long, relaxed reading-writing-drawing session. It's a great day.

Subtraction with Regrouping Across Two Zeros
Uuugh says me! Thank goodness for the math wiz of the house.
checking/correcting math and working out percentage of correct answers.
He was very happy with his 86%!

In times of empty pockets, left-overs for Snack!
3 shrimps from last night, mashed potatoes from Saturday,
one meatball and some lentils from Sunday.
And yes, this is just mid-morning snack.
Mr. Meatball Head doesn't have the best table manners.
His parents don't really give a monkey's about etiquette.

But we practiced proper fork-holding and
elbow position, in case he ever need to impress.

Hope you're having a good day too!


  1. I'm a maths tutor too, and sooo many people don't get the subtraction with zeros! Don't feel bad - I have two ways to do it, if you ever want to know :-). I love leftover meals too!

  2. Fortunately my son is picking it up faster than I am. I have no trouble with add and mult, but sub and div just do my head in. Would definitely appreciate some tips. You should do a weekly lesson for moms on your blog!