Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been downloading free textbooks for 6th-12th like crazy the last few days since I found this awesome site:

My library is now stocked with Calculus, Biology, Geometry, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry and a bunch more.
Most of the textbooks come with a Teacher's edition as well.
I'm so psyched.

And I got it all for FREE!!!

We are so fortunate to have good people, like these folks, who put together quality educational resources and make them accessible to all.
That's how the sharing of knowledge should be!

Between CK12 and Khan Academy (my hero), I think we've got it down.

Information is Power!
Save - Organize - Archive - Share
and help other seekers by spreading the wealth

*A Tip to the On-line textbook user: if you are using a free online textbook that has the option of downloading - Just Do It! Last week I lost access to the science books I thought we would be using for the next three years. We loved it, and suddenly it was GONE. The site stopped providing free access. So, if you can, just go ahead and download it.

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  1. Wow!!! thanks for the heads up :-) Now, to use up some of our download limit for the month!!!