Wednesday, March 6, 2013


After reading about Archimedes in our studies on Ancient Greece, we headed over to our book on Great Scientists to learn more about him.

We learned about his inventions,

like the hydraulic screw, and compound pulleys.

And we read all about how he ran through the streets of Greece naked, yelling "Eureka", in the famous story about the king's crown and the bathtub.

We also watched on YouTube -

fascinating 50min documentary


 8min science video explaining the principle

Then Lu went off with his notebook to give it a try

 We also learned about circles...

 Archimedes loved his circles.

Some people think that we would have gotten to where we are now a thousand years earlier, had the writings of Archimedes not been lost. 

Imagine that! 

Where would we be now 

if we were 1,000 years ahead?


  1. I'm all inspired! We are SO copying you when we get back from our trip :-)

  2. We adore our Jim Weiss audio CD on Galileo and the Stargazers. There is a chapter on Archimedes that my girls love to listen to.
    Also, you're at a perfect point to tie-in Pi Day on 3.14!