Friday, August 24, 2012

The Mad Scientist / Using the Scientific Method

 Well, he's not completely mad, 
 he just has a strange fashion sense
(or he's low on socks).

So, here's Lu's final project for this year's introduction to
The Scientific Method...

(everything in italics is written by Lu)

 How will the height at which you drop a ball 
affect how high it bounces?
(I helped a little with the wording on this one)

I have observed that 
if you drop a rubber ball it will bounce.  
(Mama giggles...)

My hypothesis is that it will bounce a lot more 
each time you drop it at a higher spot.

(there are markers on the wooden post, every 25 cm.) 

Lu tested dropping the ball from 4 different heights, 
6 times each, and documented the results.

We calculated the averages 
and, indeed, the ball bounces higher 
when dropped from a greater height.
Time to type it up....

Just between you and me: I'm relieved to be done with the Scientific Method for a while. I really have a hard time and little patience with the whole thing, not exactly sure why. Next year, we'll be studying famous scientists and their contributions, reading about evolution, and watching science videos - and I love the sound of all of that. We'll come back to the dogforsaken SM later on, when Lu is a bit older. But I guess the exposure was good, and he (strangely) enjoyed it.


  1. Talk to me before you attempt it again :-)

  2. LOL! I'm right there with you - no patience for this stuff, and no real reason why. :) Which is weird because I *love* science.

  3. I love hearing about all the fun things you guys do together.

  4. Great experiment! My kids would love this!