Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Science Experiments and Griddled Eggplant

The other day, when walking through town, Lu asked if we could stop by the book shop to get a new notebook. I found a couple new books for his Spanish reading, and he got his notebook. When we got home, he explained that this notebook would be for recording his science experiments. 

So today I handed him this book and wished him the best of luck.
(If you've visited before, you might know 
that I'm not a big fan of science experiments.)

This is the kind of book that really makes me miss having access to a good library. I'd heard such awesome reviews that I figured it was worth buying. I'm glad Lu's reading it, but I'd have rather borrowed it. 

I hope you have a good public library near you if you homeschool, but know that it's not indispensable, and nor is this book for guiding your child through the Scientific Method. But it is good.

(thinking about what experiment to do)

I think that today's most important discoveries were that not all experiments are successful, and that scientists learn a lot from their mistakes.

Lu's been experimenting with his cooking too! 

Lately, his favorite thing to make is dry-griddled eggplant.

He's been making it almost every day!

Lunch is ready!
Fresh peas, rice, lentils with veg, and Lu's eggplant.

I'm gradually making our meals more vegetarian -
which is greatly helped by the griddled eggplant :)

After lunch, a little friend came over to visit. 
Lu was granted the honor of carrying her,
 all by himself.

They played, and read, and listened to music, 
and danced around the room together.


  1. I felt the same way about that book! A good book, but I would have much rather borrowed it from a library! We read it once, and that was it.

    1. Yeah, definitely not a book to read more than once, and not something I can see us referring back to either.

      Nevertheless, something that is worth checking out of the library.