Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flowers, Fruit, 11 Parts of a Circle, and Kayaking

it's already Wednesday
and this is my first post of the week.

But I've been busy
celebrating my 37th birthday!

The actual day was Monday
but we had a pretty solid
three days of partying.

With lots of champagne.

And I got flowers!

 We've been enjoying this season's 
fabulous fruit.

 On Wednesday mornings, 
we've been waking up extra early, 
getting our math done, 
and going kayaking.

Today we learned that the most parts you can get 

And by 10am we were ready to row.

I've been loving getting out on the lake regularly.
It's great exercise for both of us.
We're trying to go twice a week - Wed. & Sat.

And Lu continues to develop his hula-hooping skills...