Friday, August 17, 2012

Relaxed Homeschool (for a change)

We're pretty much done with the bulk of our basic-4th-grade-stuff-that-we-have-to-learn list. We did it all (not including math) in about six months. We have four months of our school year left, and quite a lot of extra time for reading more books. 

Greek Mythology has been for daytime reading.
This is instead of what is normally spelling 
and grammar lessons. 

Lu is much happier reading stories
than learning about adverbs, that's for sure.

Lu recently finished this book by Guatemalan author

and started Farmer Boy.

By the looks of these pics
you might think that Lu does all his schoolwork on this daybed,
but I do make him sit a table from time to time :)

 He finished reading How to Think Like a Scientist
and wrote a How-To report on the Scientific Method -
rough draft in notebook, edited together, 
final draft on separate sheet of paper 
for 4th grade writing portfolio.

Between playing ball in the yard, taking dance classes,
participating in community art workshops, 
and kayaking together,

we don't have to make much of an effort to cover
Physical Education or Art -
subjects that I happily outsource.


Hope you had a good week!


  1. Nice! All the reading looks so fantastic. :)

  2. Bet he learns as much grammar from the reading as he does sitting at the desk, doing worksheets! I love your pics of the dance classes :-)

    1. I think so too.

      I often think of that post your wrote about grammar, and just doing it through conversation and reading.