Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lots of Learning, All Around the House

 The week started with Youth Group and cooperation games -
in the yard

In this game, two teams stand on opposite sides of the "field" and yell out instructions - all at the same time - to one member of their team, who is blindfolded and trying to collect all the balls of a particular color that are on the ground. It's funny to watch. Both teams are yelling pretty much the same things to the two blindfolded people, who are trying to recognize voices amidst the chaos.

 There was also this beautiful collective creation they made -

Lu's been reviewing fractions and decimals
with Khan Academy -
in the office

Making a poster about Socrates -
in the living room

 Reading and taking notes on important people
of Ancient Greece, like Pythagoras and Pericles -
in the kitchen

Learning how to figure out the surface area 
and volume of a cuboid -
 back in the office

And making tortilla pockets 
with his Kakchikel (local Mayan language) teacher -

So, lots of learning, all around the house.


  1. Those tortilla pockets look YUMMY!

  2. Interesting learning going on at your place! I love that collective creation.