Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breaks are Great

Lu probably learns more life skills in a week off
than in a full year of schoolwork,
there's no arguing because he gets to do whatever he wants 
pretty much all day long,

I get to putter around in the garden,
 and write totally random posts like this one
with lots of lovely, lovely coffee.

Our funny little house
- due to having been built in bits and bobs -
is a peculiar arrangement of spaces.
We live up top, and the project runs down below.

And just because they're so cute, 
this pic of Cha and Minu -


  1. Way to go Lu!!! How clever and creative!

    Also, I LOVE the photo of your house. Love to see more. Do you have some on here somewhere that you can direct me to??

  2. Thanks K!
    I thought I did have more photos of the house, but looking through, I realize I don't.
    Just yesterday I was thinking of doing a video walk-through. So I guess I'll do that. I'd love to see yours as well.

  3. What is the name of the flower that is orangish-red and round? It is beautiful and fascinating!

    1. I've heard them called Chinese Lanterns, but they might have another name. The humming birds love them.