Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tamales, Scrabble, and Japanese

We start our mornings with read-alouds, 3 times a week. We usually take turns reading, but on Thursdays, Lu reads from Aesop's Fables to me, and I just sit back and listen. I love hearing him read. He prefers reading silently, but he does enjoy the morning read-alouds, as long as they're short. I love his intonation and his pauses, and to hear him really understanding what he's reading.

I'm so glad we set Lu up at my old desk.
It's so versatile, with several different layers,
perfect for the fidgety student who can't sit still.

This week for morning snacktime...

We had Penul (peh-nool)
a traditional staple of toasted corn,
ground into a fine powder.

Just add water, cook or not,
and add some honey.

We also had delicious tamales...

and played Scrabble
(on this 25-year-old, termite-eaten board).

On Thursdays,
Lu participates in Youth Group
for most of the morning.

Today, they learned how to write their
names in Japanese.

I'm teaching Creative Writing to the group.
Each week they take an assignment home,
to turn in the following week.

I like that it's something Lu has to be responsible for.
He has to make sure to get it done and turned in on time.
And he takes it very seriously. Here's his booklet -

As for me - I'm on Day 10 of successfully quitting smoking.
The worst part is over, and I'm starting to really enjoy life as a non-smoker. My morning ritual of coffee and tobacco for breakfast has been replaced with sleeping in a little longer, followed by a 15 min. exercise routine and a long, hot shower. And don't think - "10 days! That's nothing. Let us know when a month has past, at least." But I can tell you, after years of not even considering quitting, I know I will never go back.

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