Saturday, February 18, 2012

History of People and some other random stuff

Lu finished his introduction to World Studies with his final booklet - "History of People". He now knows things like: important landmarks around the world, general information on the world's main religions, how people settled and built cities, when the first printing press was invented, some history on the development of arts and sports, and how long WWI and WWII lasted. I'm so excited to now really sink our teeth into our in-depth unit on Evolution, and work our way through to WWII over the next four or five years.

We found this amazing creature by the tool shed.

We're really making progress in Spelling.
Something has clicked.

Finally finished this knitting project -

It was meant to be a
Mama's Day present, and then a
Mama's Bday present, and then a
Mama's Xmas present...

but today's as good a day as any for such a lovely gift

Lu's doing lots of dance between his afternoon children's art workshops and his morning youth group activities. Next year, Youth Group will be two full mornings weekly, plus the two afternoons with the younger kids. He really loves being in both groups, and he's showing a real passion for dance (and no, even though I was a dancer, I'm not a pushy dance mom at all). I was actually very surprised because he didn't show much interest when he was younger, but in the last two years, he's caught the craze. So, I'm thinking that we might have to let go of some other subjects next year to give dance enough space on our schedule, which is totally okay with me, as long as it's what he really wants. He does have the advantage of having a dance studio in his house!

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  1. What a lovely day! Love the present :-) and the dance :-) and very cool about the spelling!