Sunday, June 19, 2011

World History

I found this great site for World History. It has everything from Prehistoric Humans to the French Revolution. There are too many ads on the site to have my son read straight from it, so I copied and pasted it onto a Word document. It also needed some editing. All of this took me two days to finish, but now we have a really great, compact but thorough, World History Book. It has lots of pictures and reads well.


  1. What a good link.
    I'm wondering if you have used the printed material you created?
    I tend to, in my enthusiasm for information, put lots of work into a document such as that and it goes NO WHERE with the kids...

  2. Hi Karen. We have yet to see. I don't plan to start using it until next year with my son, and we'll probably only cover the first few chapters, but I hope to use is at as a guide for our History classes throughout. I'll try to remember to post something about it when we actually start using it. Thanks for reading!