Sunday, June 19, 2011


There are so many math sites out there with free printable pages.
Here are some we use:

Scott Foresman


Super Teacher Worksheets

We try to do at least three math sheets a week. I´m already doing a lot of printing for Geography and Grammar, so I just spend fifteen minutes at night to do my own worksheets.

I get ideas from these sites, and then make my own. This way, I can include lots of word problems so he really has to think. I remember hating those endless practice sheets, my hands would cramp up. The worksheets we do are spacey and varied, and we only do extra repetition of the things he´s having a hard time with. We do math three times a week. One of those will be a 45-60 minute class in a new or more challenging area, and the others might be 30 minutes of review and practice. On practice days, he can work alone, but I try to stay close in case he has any questions.

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