Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Haircut

Here I am with my 11yo boy. 11 years and one week, that is. He's almost as tall as me, and his shoes are already bigger than mine. Last week we took a trip to the colonial town, Antigua, as part of Lu's birthday week celebration. And one of the main events planned for the trip was a haircut.

Now, Lu's had haircuts during these 11 years, 
of course, but never short. And he was set on it.

So, here's the last pic of me with my long-haired boy.

If he grows it long again, it will probably be when he has a beard.
For then, no one will mistake him for a girl.

And though he's loved his long hair sometimes,
he hasn't liked being teased for it,
which was often the case.

So, off we went to the salon.
I was too scared to cut it myself.
And I needed a trim too.

 Take a closer look at mama's face.
You can see that Lu has a huge smile.

 He loves it.

Listening to Marimba music.


 Famous arch on every other Guatemalan postcard.
(the lake we live on, is on all the other ones. lol)

In the back are the stored religious floats for Easter Week
processions that Antigua is famous for.

 Old colonial church.

And this -

"The Drunk"
A common sight on the streets of Guatemala.

We had a blast.


  1. I love taking a whole week to celebrate birthdays. I'm glad Lu had a good birthweek and your young man looks fabulous either way!!!

  2. NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! NO HAIR CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH, he's still a DOLL.

  3. OH WOW!!!! I saw the link in my sidebar - The Haircut - and I KNEW what he had done. And...I LOVE it! Like it matters what a 44 year old from the other side of the world thinks, but very handsome :-)