Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Behind Our House

there is a mountain, and twice a week

we round up our 6-pack of dogs and head out for a hike.

7 minutes into our uphill trek, we turn around and see this:

Pic of a flower that Lu took:

18 minutes into our hike and we reach the first river crossing.
A few weeks ago we had to turn back because
the river had grown too much to cross.

But the rains are gone now, 
and the mountain is full of yellow and purple flowers.

At 35 minutes, we reach our destination:

 And back down we go.

I love our mountain walks.
They keep me sane.

We mostly walk in silence,
with some distance between us.

The silence is so good for both of us.

Sometimes there's also laughter
or discussion.

Sometimes there's even math practice
or science review.

Other times there is sharing of feelings.

 But there is always one foot in front of the other.
 So simple. So powerful.

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  1. You are so lucky! What a glorious place to hike and swim!