Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday Week

One of the things I love about homeschool is that we can decide when to take a vacation. Instead of one long vacation, we like to take a week here a there throughout the year for special occasions like the town fair, or when friends and family are visiting. Lu's birthday week is one of the weeks we take off. For Birthday Week, we do something fun each day that we don't normally do.

This Bday Week started with our traditional Bday morning:
a wake-up serenade in bed of "Las Mañanitas"
and opening gifts.

You could definitely say that this year's presents were mono-thematic.

Herb Grinder and Spatula Knife

 Almond Essence and Chocolate Chips

Chef Hat and Kitchen Knife

An Apron
custom embroidered "Jungle Chef"
from Lu's honorary grandpa

 Spring Form Pan

 Professional Chef Suit
from honorary aunt and uncle

 Fancy Cooking Instruments

Lu wanted to try out his new stuff 
and decided to make dinner for everyone - 
which in our house means volunteers, interns, and close neighbors.


The rest of birthday week has included making and selling brownies (he sold them ALL), going to play ping-pong, eating french fries, and making a kite. Next up, we're going to the city for two days. We'll eat sushi, go site-seeing, and get our hair styled at a for-real salon - something we don't have out here in the bush. Lu is getting his hair cut short. It's always been long. (mama sad)

 My baby boy is 11 years old!


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