Friday, May 9, 2014

Three Times Around The Sun

 Rainy season has started again, 
which means a lot more inside time.

Science in the kitchen.

Cozy reading.

Time slows down.

Lots of cuddles. But that's every season.

Trying to get the needle to stand up straight....
over and over and over again.

Mastermind. Oh boy, are we playing Mastermind.

Multi-media resesearch and graphic note-taking
on our scientist of the week: Charles Darwin.

Drawing tutorials are all the rage here these days.

And some garden work when the sun is out.

I'm loving it. All of it. Every day. Every week.
Through the seasons. Three times around the sun now.

Watching my boy grow in so many ways,
and find himself, is a most awesome thing.

Learning together about the world,  and the universe,
and our history, and how to communicate our ideas
about it all... it's a wonderful thing.

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