Thursday, August 29, 2013

Someone's In The Kitchen

... and it's not me.


Lu made dinner the other night:
grilled zucchini and eggplant, and a beautiful cucumber salad.

I've mentioned Lu's cyclical passions in the past, and cooking is one of them. Others are playing the guitar and the piano, hula-hooping, choreographing, drawing, blogging, gardening, and other more one-off ventures. They come in waves, and usually last a few weeks. But cooking has been a constant for a while now, lasting longer than usual, and Lu even talks about going to the States to take cooking classes at a community college when he's older.

This past week, Abu (short for Abuela, a.k.a. my mom) was here and teaching Lu a whole bunch of dessert recipes. She says I was never interested in learning to cook - which is why this ability has skipped a generation. But Lu is VERY interested and showed tremendous focus, so I let all other homeschool plans go for the week, and let them at it.

Abu's Vanilla Pudding recipe:

Spanish Flan:

This is one of my all-time favorite desserts. 
Pure gooey sweetness.
It's basically baked condensed milk and eggs. 

Lu made a complete breakfast for his Abu, 
in appreciation for everything she taught him in the kitchen this week.

Their favorite breakfast: 
tortillas and cheesy eggs with fresh tomato sauce.

 Of all the things Lu made in the kitchen, 
this one was my personal favorite, because he made it just for me -

My very, very favorite.

He found the recipe online and made it all by himself.

At some point in the week I realized that we hadn't done much math, or history, or writing of any kind. But really, what could be more important than giving the time and the space for following a passion? He learned SOOOO much this week, and I am more convinced than ever that learning is better off without a schedule.

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  1. This week sounds WAAAAAAAAY better than a week of history or math.