Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bday Mama

 I turned 38 this week.

I've been a mother for over 1/4 of it,

and the same again running an art school.

I've danced for most of it,

have lived here for almost 1/3 of it,

and went to school for longer than I like to remember.

I've been homeschooling my son for almost 3 years.

When I turned 37 last year, I had recently gained 20 pounds after quitting smoking and dancing (from bad knees). Today, with a head-full of grays, I have my knees back, I lost the 20lbs, feel great, and am dancing again. But I'll talk more about all of that in a soon-to-come post about how life is changing, I'm teaching more classes, and Lu will be in charge of most of his learning.

Now, back to my birthday!

Lu made me a lovely sweater/purse hanger.

 He spent an hour squeezing oranges to make me juice,
and then another making crepes.

We took a picnic and Cha to the lake.
This was a great thing as he can rarely take a day off.
Here are his feet -

A lakefront restaurant serves my favorite -
key lime pie and cappuccino.

Brownie a la mode for the boys.

And there was a ping-pong table!
(phys. ed)

And, even after drinking half a bottle of champagne in the morning, 
I taught a dance class in the afternoon.

Lu's in the back there somewhere too.

We're such a productive family :winkwink:
You see, even on a birthday/day-off
we managed carpentry, cooking, phys. ed., and dance!


  1. Happy birthday, Gabriela! Beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday! I love your celebration day. 1kiss.

  3. Happy birthday Gabriela! Looking good girlfriend and the day looks fantastic!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Gabriela, from your fellow 38-year-old (who also has the gray hairs to prove it!). I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks for the bday wishes! Feelin' the love :)