Thursday, June 13, 2013

On Sunny Days

We let our hair hang loose

 and snorkeling becomes

underwater science,

with algae exploration,

and biology can be

chatting with Mr. Tadpole.

On sunny days, there's more time to really look around,

and Lu's been taking some awesome photos of what he's seeing.

Here are a couple he took this week:

playing with reflections on the glass of a window


looking at the sun through sunglasses.

 And then I'm looking at them, thinking:
Wow! Transparency and filters.
 Discovered completely on his own.
We need more sunny days!

On sunny days we go outside,

  and sit on the beach and compare our feet.

Had I mentioned that Lu's been wearing my sneakers?


  1. Oh - I really want to come visit now! How big are Lu's feet? Seriously, you need to stop feeding him!

    1. When are they going to figure out teletransportation??? I'd love to pop over to yours as well. Especially that beautiful park where you work.

      he's a size 6 (I'm tiny)

  2. I want to be there for the next sunny day!